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Unlimit Your Life By Design.

8 Weeks to Transform your life from default to design and create your own success code.

Uncover your true potential and activate a blueprint for a life lived with fierce grace, confidence and ease.

You will receive access to your own guided journey for self growth and discovery as well as a weekly LIVE Classroom and Q&A session. Create real change and experience a whole new way of leading yourself well.

I will be there at every step of your journey to support you and cheer you on to ensure you have the opportunity to make anything possible.

8 Weeks to Unlimit Your Life by Design

Module 1
Clarity & Presence

In this module we prepare you for change by gaining clarity on where you are now, your path to get here and what you desire to create for your future.

Step out of the overwhelm of your mind and your current circumstances and be taken beyond your conscious awareness to create what you really want. 

  • Find Your Focus
  • Step into a new future vision
  • Release Limitations
  • Access Your Inner Voice  

Module 2 
Awaken Awareness

Do nothing, notice everything. May seem contradictory, however it is one of the most crucial steps in creating change.  We are often so busy doing our lives that we miss the opportunities to choose a different approach.   Take a birds eye view of your life and gain awareness of what's really working and what's not.  

You will heighten your awareness to where your limits really are and bring to light your personal blind spots.

  • Create Your Day
  • Micro Shift Your Focus
  • Dynamics Of Balance
  • Compassionate Change
  • Power of Choice

Module 3
Inside Out - Inner Leader

Start with you.  Gaining authority over your inner world is the key to mastering your own leadership.  Understand how to create winning strategies to better manage your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, emotions and behaviors.  Leading from the inside out.

  • Your Power Center
  • Tuning Out to Tune In
  • Personal Boundary
  • Your Authentic Intelligence
  • Your Capacity for Ease

Module 4 
Outside In - Empower you

Our life is built in relationship.  Relationship to our environment, other people and the ideas we take on from our world around us.  This module will help you better understand the influences on your life and assist you in discerning which stories you are choosing to take on.

  • Identify Your External Influences
  • Shift the Power Back to You
  • Empower your relationships
  • Create an environment your thrive in

Module 5 
Unclutter Your Life

We now have a clear picture of where you want to go and what is in your way, so now it's time to clear the clutter and unschedule your life. We use the knowledge gained in the previous modules to identify and clear what is holding your back in your life.

  • Clearing Practices and Practical activities
  • Redefine Relationships
  • Let Go of Heavy
  • Discern from Within

Module 6
Nourished Well

We remove the clutter and replenish you with practices and practical tools that will nourish you from within.  This module specifically focuses on the routines, rituals and practices that work best for you. 

  • Nourish from Within
  • Personal Practices
  • Space to BE
  • Micro-Nourish
  • Meet Your Needs Well

Module 7 
Your Design

We now gather all that you have learnt over the past 6 weeks to Design A Life Your Love.  This is your personal success formula, your blueprint for how to lead your life well.  Easy to stick to because it has been purpose built to manage all your underlying limitations so that you can gracefully step forward into your future with confidence and ease.

  • Design Your Success
  • Create a BluePrint
  • Schedule Review

Module 8 
Celebrate You

You have made it!  You have the map, the plan and the toolkit to BE your future self.  So this module is going to teach you the most important aspect of any change or transformation work you ever decide to do.  Celebrate yourself! Not just in this moment but in every aspect of your year ahead. 

For those who have bought the BONUS Day Retreat this will be your ultimate gift of integration and celebration. 

Leave nothing to chance, sieze the moment and embrace your life.

By the end of this program you will have everything you need to live your life by design. This area is full of the reasons why you simply can not miss this opportunity.  

I open this dance between self paced inner work and a LIVE interactive classroom with me only a few times a year...

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