An immersive journey to activate and amplify your personal mission.

March 21st-23rd

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We can only expand so far from where we stand...

After over 20 years of utilising immersive retreats for growth  this is one thing I know to be true. 

When we are surrounded by familiarity there is part of us that remains unchangeable, it is a part that requires everything around us to be removed so we can expand into a whole new potential.

An opportunity to drop into a deeper place of knowing your unknowns

This Retreat is a Unique immersion that initiates possibilities beyond what can be created at home and is personalised to each participant to not simplify activate and amplify but design a path of least resistance for the journey into your ideal future.

I have developed a unique process that not only immerses you into a deeper experience of who you are, it activates something from within that has the potential to create rapid transformation in every aspect of your life. 

With the potency of the Joshua Tree National Park and its surroundings you will be guided by a deeper voice within.

Your greatest access pass...

There is deeper purpose within us that can only be activated when we remove ourselves from the distractions of the familiar and land into unfamiliar surroundings to immerse ourselves in the possibilities of what could be.

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Limited Spaces Available

Due to the depth of this work this retreat will have strictly limited numbers so please book early so you don't miss out.

Unlimit You Dreams

Your immersion to expand into possibility!


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