The Power of Impact Driven Actions

Jun 24, 2022

I am writing this post on the final day of a challenge my husband committed to this month as a little reminder of how important the little things really are. 

You see my wonderful husband has had his own journey with big challenges thrown at him for a long time now and I have watched him time and time again, pick himself up and find a way to keep going.

There is so much more to mental health than simply getting help to get well.  There are years and years of trial and error (many many errors) to find something that works and even then it is a delicate balance that can be tipped over so quickly and leave a cascade of damage.

A few months back my husband suggested that he might do a challenge for mental health.  It is a push up challenge to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. 

This same challenge I heard mocked a few years back "what has push ups got to do with helping people with mental health"  "it's just a social media fad that gives mental health lip service."

Well this month, I have watched Sam show up for himself every day to get that challenge done, I have watched him get emotional when someone who cares about him adds a donation to his page, I have seen how committed he is to making his journey worth it by helping others and I have seen him have the courage to step out of his comfort zone and begin to share his own voice.

What may seem like a little social media post to some is a HUGE leap of courage and bravery to another. 

What happens when we show up for ourselves in the smallest of ways each day (there were a lot of push ups so this was a big kind of small) is that we build our muscle of BELIEF.

You will often hear me say, what is the smallest shift you can create that can make a dent in your vision today?

When you are focused on the BIG things that you have to do, it is easy to put it off until tomorrow, to find yourself wasting a year getting ready to get started. 

When you begin to do the little things consistently, BIG shifts begin to happen naturally at a level you can not even comprehend. 

My invitation to you today is FIND that little tiny piece that builds your BELIEF muscle in your vision and make a commitment to yourself to show up consistently for the next 7 Days. 

What could be possible if you just took the action?

Mental Health Challenges are a journey, they are a battle that can be rocked by the circumstances we find ourselves in and many circumstances we can't control. 

Our belief is built from within, when you begin to focus on BUILDING yourself from the Inside Out you begin to master the art of overcoming any challenges as your not relying on the environment to support you, you are building the support from within. 

I can not tell you how powerful an effect this commitment to daily push ups has had on Sam. This goes beyond many of the treatments I have seen Sam use over the years. 

Each day he is doing something good for himself and others in the same action.

If you think the small things don't make a difference, I challenge you to think again. 

Oh and if you're looking for a way to make someone feel GREAT today, I have put Sammy's link below to the challenge, even a small donation of $5 can make an impact. 

Make Sammy Smile (page expires 28.06.22)

Much love and gratitude




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