Mar 06, 2023
Kelly Carthy


Do you ever find yourself stuck in the vision of what was meant to be? 

Could this be holding you back from creating your ultimate future?

How do you get yourself unstuck?


It can be difficult to create a powerful vision for our future when a significant one you created in the past gets dismantled before your eyes. 

Whether it is a career change, a loss of a loved one or a relationship break down, life will present us with cross-roads that were not part of our plans.

When life unravels in ways we didn’t expect and we are suddenly faced with the challenge of re-visioning our future differently, we can be left feeling paralyzed in time, not sure which way to move.

The life we had planned is connected to our inner sense of self, and within this there is a sense of security and predictability that feeds our inner stability.

Then there is the wild unknown...

How do we fall in love with this wild unknown and what can we do to create a sense of stability from within?

Given that we are biologically wired with a negative bias our instinctive reaction to any change is to catastrophize the unknown outcomes. This is often when people will arrive in my space, uncertain of the next step and feeling that their world might fall on top of them if they don’t do something to fix it fast.

So how do we shift from the war inside our heads to a place of infinite possibility and regain a sense of personally empowered direction?


There is a process that I have used with clients through these times of transition that is not only supportive but extremely powerful in shifting the focus and energy to a new more powerful vision.


A space where we can begin to play in the what ifs of possibility, untethering from our misaligned path and deeply connecting to the deliciousness of a different future. 


I have seen the magic of this unfold time and time again.  From new relationships full of romance to the home they never thought was possible to a dream career after once in time labelling themselves as a stay at home Mum. 

3 Key Steps for Re-visioning Your Future  



Give yourself permission to mourn what has not transpired in the way you wished it had.  While it can be tempting to skip this step and move straight into creating a different future, take respite in the PAUSE between as there is gold to be found here.  Identify what is most important to you when laying the foundations for a new future and acquaint yourself with the fixed beliefs that might be holding you back from your own joy.


What were you looking forward to with the previous version of your future?


What are you most fearful about with a change in circumstances?


What is most important to you in creating a new outcome?

When we can truly understand what our needs are and the ways by which we are entangled in a fixed vision of how the future needs to be we are better able to ensure the right elements are included in our new vision. 


It is only when you have allowed yourself to feel the full impact of being fixed in how life “should” be that you can move into a place of acceptance of what is not to be and begin to meet reality with compassion.  You will know when you are here as you will be able to feel at peace and recognise that this is no longer your path. You can now fully open yourself up to the excitement of the possibilities of the unknown ahead without constantly checking your rear vision mirror for signs of a possible resurrection of the past.



Okay, now that we have landed into authentic acceptance of a NEW future we get to be creative with what we really want.  Now that you are clear of the important elements that form the foundation of your ideal life...  What could be possible beyond your previous way of life?

What is possible now that your fixed vision has changed?  What are areas of your life that you might have compromised, left neglected or not even explored.  What doorways might be opened now that this one has been closed?

ReVisioning is a process of allowing yourself to dream up the most wonderful scenarios you once thought impossible so that your mind can begin to expand once more and the unknown can shift from a daunting and overwhelming place of fear to a place of excitement and anticipation.

When you begin to play with what’s possible, life begins to unravel differently and new and exciting opportunities may arise. 

Being in this practice of leaning into the invitation of the unknown future not only makes the path easier to walk but begins to magnetise you towards a new vision of your future.  You may find your life transforming in ways you could never have anticipated and begin to feel a real appreciation for releasing your past.

How do you live when there is no other path than the one you are on right now?

How do you choose to live when you're creating the future you’ve never imagined until now?

If you are ready to SHIFT from contemplating change to creating a better plan for a WHOLE new way of living let's connect and work out the best fit for you.

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