Do you remember how to dream big...

Oct 25, 2021
Kelly Carthy
Do you remember how to dream big...

My content delivery looks different for a reason, so I wanted to share with you briefly here WHY I have chosen to use Audio as my primary mode of content delivery for my upcoming UNLIMIT YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN Course.

We have just come out of a couple of years of living and working online in the land of Zoom or Teams.  We are zapped of our energy from too much screen time and my intention is to move you out of your office (home or otherwise) and beyond your head into a deeper place of personal awareness. 

In a world where many are finally venturing further than a 5km from the front door, I encourage you back into the world of free movement and hope to bring you a way to integrate personal changes into the world as you are living your life out there. 

We may have emerged from lock-down however many of us have emerged with a lot of questions about the future and perhaps a little confusion around what we really want in life. 

The answers are not out there in a world that is just as confused about the future as you, the answers are found deep within your own experience, the challenge is to find a way to gracefully land there whilst embracing your recently returned freedoms. 

This particular audio I have shared with you was created for a client who was finding it challenging to give herself permission to dream big. This is a common challenge I find for anyone who has gotten too busy in life to take a breath and ask simple questions such as...

What do I really want? 

Is there all there is? 

What else could be possible if anything were possible?

The invitation is to take yourself somewhere where you can drop into the words and soak them into the context of your own experience.

Allow answers to surface with an inspiration to move in your own direction.

All my work is designed to bring you into a deeper connection with your inner voice, your most authentic truth, take a moment to tune out the noise of the outside world, move beyond all your doubts and concerns, the feeling of not enoughness, or needing it to be perfect and begin to listen to the voice that keeps whispering for you to live your life on your terms.

Here is to you creating more agency in your life.



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