You know that you have everything it takes to be wildly successful within you…


but when you’re flat out meeting the needs and demands of others and spread thin simply supporting your loved ones, there’s little time left and no energy in your tank at the end of each day. Rinse and repeat.


How do you stop the endless cycle that’s smothering your superpowers and step off the ‘busy life’ roundabout so that you can begin leading a life you love to live while deeply supporting everyone you care for? 


As a Global Embodied-Leadership Strategist, Kelly’s unique InsideOut Leadership Model™ will take you from knowing ‘what to do’ and transform your experience into living life authentically and purposefully. 


These processes honed over many years of research, practice and deep dedication, are designed to shift you from the act of 'doing' into 'embodied being' in both your personal and professional leadership.


What powers Kelly’s InsideOut Leadership Model™ is my 4 Modes of Integration that will change the way that you lead, awakening you to your core vision and reconnecting you to your values so that you can create greater impact and influence for yourself and for others. 


As a mum of two young boys, Kelly understands the finite balance that women dance between family and business. As a Speaker across the globe, Kelly addresses the 'superwoman complex' with larger audiences to shift this deeply embedded expectation in the psyche of the modern woman to a space where they are aware of and supported to return to a connected and aware space of clarity and balance, without compromising their strength and capabilities.


With over 20 years experience working in behavioral change, Kelly is dedicated to shifting how people lead in life, in business and in the world. 

“I believe, now more than ever, we have a vital role in ‘being more’ in life by ‘doing less’.” 

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